I am a God-lovin', husband-huggin', kid-growin', bubble-blowin', picture-takin', diaper-changin', house-cleanin', Bible-readin', kid-watchin', clothes-washin', craft-makin', cookie-bakin', grocery-shoppin', blog-stalkin', wall-paintin', decoratin', SAHMin', WAHMin', mother of three...and loving every bit of it!




Where has Paula been?

...working on a secret project! jk! This blog will now be mainly for my personal blogging. I have a new photo blog for Paula Stiller Photography!

Head on over and leave comment!


In other news, it was over 100 degrees here already. We went swimming at friend's house. Jonah is afraid of the water after watching Waterhorse. It might be a long summer.

Trinity just woke up so I better go get her!

This One Is for You, Mom!

On Mother's Day:
Scott: Is there anything you like more than mommy?
Simon: French fries!
Jonah: Curly or straight?
I was very spoilt with cards and hugs and nice words all day. I felt very special and could not have asked for more. I love being a mom!

Another Mommy&Me!

Here are a few from a recent session! I can't get enough of this 2 month old! She would look right at me and give me huge smiles and then right when I put the camera up, she would stop....the little stinker. She is so smart and beautiful already. Mommy E, you better watch out! I'll get more up from this session later! Grandma and Auntie came along and we had such a good time!

Allen + Stephanie

It was a gorgeous Spring Arizona day and had all the features of a beautiful wedding.

the dress

the groom

the venue
(a gorgeous yard which happened to belong to the bride's mother...quite handy)

the adorable flowergirl (i couldn't just put one...she was so sweet!)

There were a lot of emotions throughout the day as Stephanie's father had passed just several weeks prior. I love this picture of her brother helping her with her dress taken a few minutes before giving her away.

a funny moment during the ceremony

the kiss

the stunning bride

the first dance

the rings

a fun picture

and they lived happily, ever after

Thank you for a beautiful day! Many blessings on your marriage!

<<<<<<<<<< LOOKY LOOKY!!!

Yeah! I got my new logo! Thanks, Sara! I love the simplicity and vintagy feel!

I also finished my OPAM (one project a month) project last week. The rule is you have to have before/after pics but I did not this month. Sorry!

I should have maybe straightened the books but that is how my life is...books and toys everywhere! I let the kids help with the flowers on the walls. I need to fix a couple as I think they are too big but it will do for now!
I stole the silhouette idea from here but she did it different than me.
Here is how I did it:
1)take silhouette pictures of the kids
2)draw/trace them on white notecards...Scott did this!
(you could just print them out and cut out the pics)
3)cut out
4)trace on black cardstock and cut out
5)frames are from ikea ($2 each)
6)martha stewart paper from michael's ($2)
Very affordable, simple, and fun!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

I spend each day trying to be a little more like you!
I heard that somewhere and thought it was so appropriate.
I love you and thanks for everything!

i'm so excited!

this is a little random so hang on. sorry that i didn't do a post yesterday. i probably won't tomorrow just so you know. today has just been fun! the kids were well-behaved (for the most-part) and i just feel good and blessed! i'm on scott's laptop so there are no pictures.

i took a couple hours yesterday and just called friends that i haven't talked to for the last month since we've all been sick. i really have some good friends here. i'm glad that after a month we can just chat and get caught up. they don't read this blog that i know of but if you happen to stop by, you know who you are! *hugs*

i have a little something up my sleeve for my business and the ladies that keep my business running (aka: my customers!). i've been talking to a friend who is a party planner extraordinaire and it's going to be fun! if you are a customer, stay tuned ~ it's going to be good!!! if you are not a customer, it's not too late to become a customer :) but you only have one month. the clock is clicking and the schedule continues to fill up! doesn't life seem to go so much faster when you have something you are REALLY excited about planned? did I say keep June 21st open?

i have an outdoor wedding to photograph on saturday that i am super-excited about and tomorrow is friday! yes!

i better go to bed. i got worn out typing all this.

Easy Kitchen Clean-Up

Yesterday was a crazy day! Scott forgot his wallet so I loaded the kids in the car to head up to the city. As I backed out of the drive, I knew something was wrong. I pulled back into the drive and walked around the van and "AHHH!", the front passenger wheel was flat as flat can get. My neighbor came to the rescue and got the spare on.(Thanks, Mr. C!) Then, as I was on the highway, I heard the dreaded "chink" of a rock hitting the windshield. I totally broke down. WHY ME???? WHY TODAY???? It seemed God was mocking me as all my favorite songs on K-LOVE were playing. I changed my attitude. I guess it's good as any day to get a star since I'm heading to the shop anyway. So...I spent the rest of the afternoon with the kiddos and Missy at the Dodge dealership (thanks for coming and reminding me to keep Satan out of it...it being my life). The windshield actually cost more than the tire to get fixed (ha!). We did get to go eat with the in-laws, which is always nice.
So today...
When I woke up, the house looked like a tornado hit the house. We were gone all day Saturday and took it easy on Sunday and yesterday happened...and the house showed it. I immediately went into shut down mode until I remembered something that I used to use to help me clean up. I am a list person and used to have these lists to help with each room. I think I borrowed them from a mixture of Elizabeth Elliot and Flylady (there's one more lady. mom, do you know?) and expanded according to my need. Here's the list for after meals. I hope all mom's find helpful. I'll add some other rooms later.
Kitchen Clean-Up
1. Pray for a good attitude of house blessing (sounds much better than cleaning)
2. Turn on Some Good Music
3. Unload Dishwasher (if not done already. mine is always full.)
4. Clear and Wipe Table
5. Fill pots and pans and leave to soak.
6. Put all food where it belongs.
7. Spray everything with spray cleaner.
8. Carry out garbage and replace trash liner (just if needed).
9. Wipe away cleanser and rinse pots and pans.
10. Sweep, vacuum, or damp mop floor.
Voila! Clean Kitchen!
Now get yourself a cool drink and relax!

Day #2 - Mommy & Me

Her mission: to get good pictures of her and the kids to give as presents to her mom and grandma for Mother's Day. What a great idea!

Her mission now: to choose a picture

some natural sunlight and beautiful ladies!

attack of the little guy!
some mommy love!

even daddy got some love!
baby ducks!
that's all for now!

*I just want to add that I do not hire models. Although it may seem like it, these are real adults and children....just making sure everyone knows that :)

Day #1 - Post A Day

I'm going to try to get a post up a day this week since I'm so far behind. Here are some pictures from a family session I did last weekend. It was my biggest session EVER with 22 people! They were all so fun and beautiful it made my job easy!

The little guy responsible for the party:

Beautiful mother of 6! (she told me it was her husband's fault):

The star of the show:

They had a photographer scheduled who had to cancel at te last minute so they called me. I was pretty nervous about the indoor pictures since I am so used to NO flash but after another quick tutorial from Scott, I think the pictures turned out pretty well.

I'm so glad I got to meet your family! I'm looking forward to many more celebrations with you!


I am so far behind with blogging it's ridiculous but I wanted to get a picture up for a special mommy from a Mommy-N-Me Session. I was working on her pictures this morning and wanted to show a before/after of these cuties.
I am frequently asked if I can do touch-ups. You will probably have to click on these pictures to see the differences but there are three main things I changed. Can you figure it out?
1) hair across her face
2)booboo on hand
3)buggars in his nose - this is pretty normal this time of year :)
I try to catch all the little details but if I miss one, as a customer, you have the right to call me out and I'll get you a new digital file...no problems!
I actually prefer the black and white but mom can decide when she prints them! Aren't they adorable? N, you are one blessed momma!

Etsy Break!

I gave myself a few minutes to pounce around on etsy this morning and found another favorite...yeah!
First, there was Belle and Boo
(a new print that I L.O.V.E.)

Then there was Sarah Jane Studios

on a mission for all things cute,

And now, let me introduce to you, Sarah & Abraham!!!

She does invitations, stickers, notecards, and adorable prints that are pretty reasonable.
How much fun! Now to work I go feeling a little more inspired.

Mr. E ~ Newborn

I know I've been promising these pictures forever. I guess good things come for those who wait :) I would like to introduce the handsome Mr.E - perfect in EVERY way!

We started out at the orchard but it was way too windy for a little guy so we went back to their home to get some better pictures.

he melted my heart!

love love love this series!

The session was short but so sweet! I wish this little one would stay itty forever but it's going to be fun watching him grow. Love you guys!